Church Vestments

 St. Bartholomew’s may be old, but the tradition of church vestments
goes back to the early days of the Christian Church.

Today’s vestments, examples of stunning design and execution, are adaptations of garments worn all those centuries before and which have been 
developed and beautified for liturgical use today. 

White High Mass set





White High Mass Set.


Chasuble, Dalmatic and Tunicle restored in 1994. 




White High Mass Set Cope





For the White High Mass Set.









 Tudor Rose High Mass Set


 Tudor Rose High Mass Set.


     Chasuble and Dalmatic restored by 
      Bennie Hitch and Marion Cantrell.







Black High Mass Set



Black High Mass Set.

 Chasuble and Dalmatic restored by Keith Biddle.
   New Black Cope made by Marion Cantrell retaining
    the embroidered Hood.







Red High Mass Set




 Red High Mass Set.
                   Cope, Chasuble and Dalmatic restored in 1992. 






Purple High Mass Set





Chasuble and

for the

Purple High Mass Set.







New Millennium ChasubleDalmatic



                             Dalmatic and Chasuble.
             Made by Keith Biddle for the new Millennium in 2000.








Blessed Virgin banner





The Blessed Virgin Banner










Agnus Dei banner




Agnus Dei Banner











 St Bartholomew banner



 St Bartholomew Banner


This is not one of  our
embroidered banners
but is a painting on material.








Four Angels Banner





Four Angels









St Agathas Banner






St Agatha









St Bartholomews School Banner



St Bartholomew's

School Banner.


School logo embroidered
by Rhona Boudier.

Patchwork making-up by
St Bartholomew's Broderers.

Back embroidered by
members of
St Peter's Vestry Sewing Guild