The Choral Music

This is a complete list of the extensive repertoire of

Latin Masses sung at St Bartholomew's.


William Byrd 1543 - 1623

Mass for Three Voices

Mass for Four Voices

Mass for Five Voices

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina 1525 - 1594

Missa Aeterna Christi Munera

Tomás Luis de Victoria 1548 - 1611

Missa O quam gloriosum est regnum

Missa O Magnum Mysterium

Joseph Haydn 1732 - 1809

Missa Brevis in F (Jugendmesse)

Missa in honorem BVM (The Great Organ Mass)

Missa Sancti Nicolai (The St Nicolas Mass)

Missa brevis Sancti Joannis de Deo (The little Organ Mass)

Missa Cellensis (Mariazellermesse)

Missa Sancti Bernadi von Offida (Heiligmesse)

Missa in tempori belli (Paukenmesse)

Missa in Angustiis (The Nelson Mass)


Schöpfungsmesse (The Creation Mass)


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756 - 1791

Missa brevis in D minor (K65)

Missa brevis in G (K140)

Missa in C (K167) (Trinitatismesse)

Missa brevis in F (K192)

Missa brevis in D (K194)

Missa brevis in C (K220) (Spatzen-messe)

Missa brevis in C (K257) (Credo-messe)

Missa brevis in C (K258) (Spaur-messe)

Missa brevis in C (K259) (Orgelsolo-messe)

Missa longa in C (K262)

Missa brevis in B flat (K275)

Missa in C (K317) (Krönungsmesse) Coronation Mass

Missa solemnis in C (K337)

Requiem Mass (K626)
This and Fauré Requiem sung alternatively each year on All Souls Day

Ludwig van Beethoven 1770 - 1827

Mass in C Op 86

Johann Nepomuk Hummel 1778 - 1837

Mass in B flat Op 77

Franz Peter Schubert 1797 - 1828

Mass No 1 in F

Mass No 2 in G

Mass No 3 in B flat

Mass No 4 in C

Mass No 5 in A flat

Mass No 6 in E flat

Charles Gounod  1818 - 1893

Messe Solennelle de Ste Cécile (The St Cecilia Mass)
Traditionally sung every Easter Sunday morning since 1895,
usually with orchestra

Camille Saint-Saëns  1835 - 1921

Requiem Mass Op 54
Traditionally sung on Remembrance Sunday each year since 1978

Alexandre Guilmant  1837 - 1911

Messe solennelle in E flat  Op 11

Gabriel Fauré  1845 - 1924

Requiem Mass Op 48
This and Mozart Requiem sung alternatively each year on All Souls Day