Worship & Music at St Bartholomew's

Central to our worship is the Mass which is usually celebrated every day of the week.  St Bartholomew's is Anglo-Catholic in its tradition and this is reflected in our liturgy. 

The Mass (also known as the Eucharist or Holy Communion) is the single most important thing the Church does.  Everything is bound up with the Mass and is oriented towards it.  Christ makes himself really and truly present in the Mass and through it we are united with the Church in heaven and anticipate life eternal.

As Christians we are called to be disciples, to follow Jesus, and to proclaim the kingdom of God.  But this would all be meaningless without Christ's sacrifice on the Cross and his Resurrection.  Jesus gave us the Eucharist so that we would always have access to the grace of his Sacrifice.  This happens whenever we join in the celebration of the Mass, whether or not we receive the Sacrament.

Public Worship Schedule

Solemn Mass 10.30am

Mass 9.30am

Mass 12 noon

Mass 6.00pm

Mass 12 noon

Mass 12 noon

Mass 9.30am

Choral music

St Bartholomew's is well known for its musical tradition. At the Solemn Mass our choir would usually sing a range of Mass settings by Haydn, Mozart, Schubert and other composers.  You can find a complete list of the repertoire by clicking here. There is also congregational participation in hymns.  This great canon of repertoire complements the beautiful liturgy of St Bartholomew's, with its elaborate vestments and incense.  Due to Covid-19 we currently have a cantor singing every Sunday and for certain occasions we have a quartet of singers forming a choir.

We are always keen to welcome singers with a good ability who would like to join in the offering of this ministry and there is the opportunity for solo work. Our Director of Music is always happy to hear from singers who would like to join us and you can telephone him as shown on the Contacts page.


The current organ was built in 1901 by J W Walker & Sons.  Tonally, it is considered a "noble" instrument, the acoustics of the building playing an important part in the grand effect.  To read more about the history and for a specification of the organ please click here.

Other services

Certain weekday solemnities are celebrated with a Sung Mass in the evening and other additional services are celebrated at other times in the year.

A monthly Requiem Mass is celebrated when we pray particularly for those who have died recently and for those whose anniversaries occur in the month.

We also celebrate baptisms, weddings and funerals.  Please contact the clergy if you would like to enquire about any of these occasional offices.